Vol II

by StoneGazer

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released September 10, 2013



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StoneGazer Finland

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Track Name: Heroes Never Die
Be a man, enlist yourself today
We defend your own way of life
Train to kill, hear the words they recite:
To be a man, this is the path that you must take

Conflict's loose, the scene of death down your sights
Squeezing the trigger feels more easy every time
No remorse, your commands you now abide
A noble cause will make your actions right

Kill a man you're a murderer,
a dozen for the state, a hero
kill a thousand, a conquerer
kill them all, and you are a god

Returning home, and the flags are waving high
A renowned hero now returns with victory
Nothing spoken of what still haunts you inside
The screams of dying men won't fade in the parade

Now your own conscience still cries
"I have wronged but am condemned of no crime"
See the young indoctrinated before your eyes,
Following your footsteps, cause heroes never die
Cause heroes never die...
Track Name: Last Smoke
Hey doctor i came to see you cause i was feeling stampede
it sure had nothing to do with the drinking and the weed
you can save your moralizing for someone who cares
this body can take more than the average male bears

So what if my liver is failing, it ain't now such a surprise
see I haven't been treating it so nice
too late to slow down and start living in a lie
at some point you know we all gonna have to die
Hey doctor dont you tell me now what i should do
i live my life to the fullest, then i'm fucking through
And I dont care if it means that in the end i will choke,
just light my cigaret and give me my last smoke

Sure i have been enjoying my ride to the last drop
I don't even care which part of me is the first to pop
too late to slow down and start living in a lie
at some point you know we all gonna have to die
Track Name: Wrong Way
Keeping me on a short leash
I think it's time we turned the tide
had enough of the lies you preach
time to let me go

For so long you have had your way
I think it's time you learn how to lose
Sick and tired of the games that you play
I'll make you pay those dues

Now I'll have my say,
No way
I can see that this is the wrong way

Holding yourself in the highest regard
soon you will find out for yourself
reality will hit you hard
how low you fell

Don't you say that you're sad and lonely
you only brought this upon yourself
quit your bitching how you're treated coldly
that's the way it goes

You state your decree
I won't bend, ever again
No more shackles, I'm free
you bray, it's the wrong way
Track Name: A Fair Warning
Wrecking havoc is the name of the game
time for bourgeois to lay low
if you cant stand being in the fray
you've got a pair to grow

Raising hell from a mile away
provoking people to step astray
from the rat race they feel at home
to see: they're free to roam

Soon (now) people realize,
their harness don't make them alive
possessions never make you complete
something, the well-heeled won't achieve

Keep saying you preserve the employment
cashing in while you can
all that accounts for nothing
shallow like your spray-on tan

Believe in constant progress
forget there are limits to man
driving people mad with excess
is gonna bite your ass
Track Name: Dope Messiah
And forth he went
A celestial descent
Spreading his word
For the world to be heard

Smoke fills the earth
Covered in mirth
The savior smiles
Breaks all the ties

The world is in fumes
Inhale and consume
And question the rules
You will find new perception

A god now walks
Amongst us all
Freeing from these thralls
From the binds of deception


Fear and the pain
the Dope Messiah takes them away
Injustice and decay,
none left in his wake

The leaders sway
On their seats so frail
As the people have their say
We have found our redemption

War is no more
All conflict is gone
Peace wins over the brawl
Mankind found redemption

War machines burning
the world keeps turning
for once there's hope for us all

Hail the Messiah
Savior of Gaia
All warring stopped by a herb

Rise above the smoky skies
the Dope Messiah takes you high