Demo 2012

by StoneGazer

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dave ross
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dave ross I would say this was more Pantera than stoner but as I like the aforementioned, I'm not to disappointed.Just nice to get in there before FDJ for once(and probably never again now I've said that) Favorite track: Rust In My Soul.
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released August 2, 2014



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StoneGazer Finland

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Track Name: Lesson
So smug and arrogant
a relentless rant
somebody has to put you back in your place
You will soon be learning,
there is no returning,
you've crossed the line for the last time

No room for objection
this is my own section,
This monology will be done with fists
As this iron's heating
a relentless beating
teaching you with all that i have got
You will learn,
a second before you break
You will learn,
a second before you break
Have you learned your lesson? (Still haven't learned you lesson?)
No need to reason with you
that phase is through
some people just have to learn it the hard way
We are making progress
going to the excess
teaching you with all that i have got

As the blows,
shatter down your pride
vanity steps aside as your
consciousness slips away

You thought it was over,
but it has just begun
come on you're missing out on all of the fun
This is educating
a quick way of making
you think about whats coming out of your mouth
Track Name: Nothing Ventured
wretched soul
through the pain
youll find a new tomorrow

Rise and shine its time for you to go
get a grip and get on your feet
Nobody knows what will unfold
but it sure as hell ain't defeat
You'll find your way
through all the pain
Nothing ventured
nothing gained
Pain is fear leaving your body
get used to it and be proud
You will die on your feet
rather than live on your knees
Track Name: Wannabe
Got a decent car,
more money than sense
drifting in an empty life working like a fool
Past your reckless youth
just let others rule
sigh and frown when things won't go your way

Sure you have it all
you grap as you crawl
from the tablescraps of the ones that you obey
Past your reckless youth
just let others rule
sigh and frown when things still won't go your way
You're living a lie,
Don't you realize, your own path in life and the things you wanna be
Go your own way,
don't let others sway you from your path in life and the things you wanna be
Stuck in the rat race,
with an empty gaze,
feels like your life is wasted before your eyes
You scream and shout
"C'mon, let me out",
the only one really stopping you is just yourself
Track Name: Rust In My Soul
Since today im no longer afraid
living my life on the edge of a blade
so you left me it is better this way
what's broken will stay that way

But you know tomorrow's always there
to bring false hope for the ones who dare
this day passed like the has whiskey has gone
for now i think im really done
I've lost my way
out of control
mind astray
rust in my soul
Taking my life a few bottles a day
one way of keeping the demons away
drowning the memories that hang on my mind
a sweet nepenthe, my life defined